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The Best Practices for Cloud Based Network Security

One of the primary problems Cloud users have noted is that you don’t really know where the data is, so you can’t prove that it is protected or who is accessing it. At Comodo, we realize the difficulties this can pose for companies who need to ensure that corporate and customer data is secure at all times. That is why we created our cloud based scanning tool, complete with cloud network security.

The Problem

Any time you use the Cloud, the security burden is placed on the provider. However, you aren’t completely relieved of the security responsibility, so it is important that you check into the supplier’s security features to ensure they are up to par.

The difference is that if you use our cloud network security product, we can help ensure that cloud-saved data is kept secure. Our product scans all of your data that is placed on the cloud to make sure it is safe. Before it is uploaded to your network or computer system, it is also scanned, to ensure safety.

What We Do

Our cloud-based security feature for networks can help you:

  • Implement solutions
  • Plan solutions
  • Mitigate risks
  • Address challenges to safety

You must be able to plan out a security solution to ensure the safety of all your information. This can include financial documentation, bank and credit card accounts, customer data and so much more. Once you have made a plan, our product can help you implement it and integrate with current solutions already in place.

You will also be able to mitigate risks more efficiently, because you can limit the impact of malware and viruses to your critical data. If you’d like to learn more about cloud network security, contact us today.