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How a Cloud Based Malware Detection Tool Can Help You

Whether you use computers and servers or send everything to the cloud, malware and viruses can be a significant problem, especially for those who use Windows. Even if you install and use antimalware and antivirus software, it may not be enough if you do a lot of Cloud computing. At Comodo, we understand the difficulties you face and our cloud based scanning product can help. It is designed particularly to be used with cloud-based operations, so if you use the Cloud to save some resources and allow for a smoother workflow, your information will stay secure and safe.

Reasons to Consider

A cloud-based malware-finding tool can help you in many ways, including:

  • Fewer IT resources to manage software
  • Less storage space
  • More secure data
  • Secure access to data when needed

One primary problem to consider is cloud based malware. Most people don’t understand much about the Cloud or how it is used. When you store data in the Cloud, it is placed on various servers from your provider. They may have hundreds of servers all over the world and will store bits and pieces of your whole data in different locations until you need it again. You don’t notice a difference when you go to access it, but you do notice that you don’t use as much space to store everything.

The problem is that any of those access points and endpoints can be attacked by cloud based malware, requiring the service provider to have the best security options. You should find out what those are, but our product will also help keep your data safe and secure while it is in the Cloud. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.