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Learn More about Cloud Based Scanning and Its Benefits

Most companies use the cloud for some purpose or another because it offers more space to store items and can provide more benefits. The problem is that you still have to get that mountain of paper into the system you’ve chosen. At Comodo, we understand your frustration and offer Cloud Scanning to make it simpler. You likely have many things that you’d like to scan to the Cloud, including:

  • Bills
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Receipts
  • Customer Information
  • Databases

Therefore, you need an easy way to go about getting them scanned and ready to use in web-based form.

Reasons to Consider Cloud Based Scanning

There are three primary reasons to consider our product, including conservation, convenience and cost. Because you are using less paper, you will conserve trees and allow them to grow taller and produce more oxygen for the world. Those companies who are trying to go green may find this an economical way of doing so, at least to start. You’ll also find more convenience because people want to work anywhere. Employees don’t wish to be tied to the desk, and they shouldn’t have to be. With BYOD programs popping up everywhere, you need to allow them access to the documents they’ll need to do their jobs.

It can also help you cut costs, because, let’s face it, archiving and storing all that paperwork is expensive. You must hire people to file it away, buy the filing cabinets and use higher safety features to ensure that the information doesn’t get stolen. With cloud scanning, you don’t have to worry about any of that, and it comes with a built-in security system.

As you can see, cloud scanning is a benefit to the company, to employees and customers/consumers. If you’d like more information about cloud scanning, contact us today.