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Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

If you are like most people, you worry about your ID and want to keep all personal information safe to prevent fraud and crime. It seems that cyber criminals are continuously trying to find new and inventive ways of stealing your personal information so they can spend your money, generate new cards in your name and so much more. At Comodo, we believe in making it harder for them to get at your information. We offer products to banks, retail shops and other businesses that will secure and encrypt customer data so it cannot be stolen and used for monetary gain.

However, we also want to help others prevent identity theft, and have a few tips:

  • Strengthen Digital Security
  • Stay Alert/Know Your Surroundings
  • Stay Secure At Home

More about Our Helpful Identity Theft Prevention Tips

The best thing consumers and companies can do to help stop identity theft is to strengthen their digital security. When selecting PINs and passwords, make sure that they are unbreakable, but easy to remember. You should never write down your password, even in a personal diary or book, because you never know when someone could find it. Each account should use a different password. Companies can also use our product to ensure that malicious attacks are unable to get into your systems or the Cloud.

You can also use antivirus and antimalware software, which we provide. This way, your computer is protected from various adware and spyware programs. They won’t be able to steal data or passwords without your knowledge.

Companies may also want to teach employees about phishing scams and how to recognize legitimate websites versus those that have been faked. Our products can also stop phishing scams by only allowing “safe” sites or domains. To learn more about any of our products, please contact us today.