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Why Companies Should Seek Identity Theft Protection

There are many security issues that companies must face each day, but of all of them, identity theft is considered by far the scariest. This issue can:

  • Damage relationships between you and the customer
  • Damage relationships between you and your employees
  • Cause you legal problems
  • Hurt the business and the brand

At Comodo, we understand that you devote a lot of resources and time to attracting new customers and retaining current ones. However, the problem is that a single data breach that includes personally-identifying information could lose their business faster than any other type of security problem. That’s why many companies turn to us to keep their information safe and secure.

While we may not offer true identity theft protection, we ensure the security of all your data, whether on servers or in the Cloud, to ensure that this personal information cannot be stolen in the first place.


With the Internet, thieves find it so much easier to master ID theft. Scams to steal identities used to require them sifting through tons of papers from record rooms or going through trash. However, now business information is stored on computers or in the Cloud, and just one lost or stolen laptop or device could compromise millions of people.

Employees could lose a device with sensitive information or thieves can find a way inside the server to steal it. Our product can help on multiple levels. It will secure all of your information, both on the computers and in the Cloud. It will also help ensure that employees only have access to the applications and programs necessary to do their jobs.

Everything from email to apps will be secure whether you use company-owned computers or allow employees to bring personal devices.

Identify, Detect and Fix Identity Theft

To identify identity theft, we need to know what it is. Identity theft happens when someone-

  • Uses you name and address and does something unlawful.
  • Uses your credit card details or bank account numbers and robs your money or commits frauds like getting a loan, getting another credit card etc.
  • Uses your Social Security number and does things unlawful.
  • Uses your medical insurance account numbers to make purchases that you don't even know.
  • Uses your identity and commits crimes that could get you entangled in unwarranted legal proceedings.

There are some ways in which you could keep a check on things and detect identity theft, to a great extent. Here is a list of things you could do to detect identity theft.

  • Check your bills. If you see charges for things you didn't buy, you could suspect identity theft.
  • Keep a check on your bank account statement and see if there are withdrawals you didn't make. This could be because of identity theft.
  • Keep a regular tab on your bills. See if you stopped getting any bill or started getting a bill for something totally new.
  • Look at your medical statements. If there are charges that you don't recognize, it could be a case of identity theft.
  • Get your credit card report and see if there are any mistakes or accounts and information that you don't recognize.

When identity theft happens and you detect it, you should act fast to fix it. These are the things that you should do, to begin fixing the issues...

  • Seek the help of identity recovery services who could help you do what all is required.
  • Place an initial fraud alert by calling one of the credit reputing companies.
  • Get your credit report from all credit reporting companies.
  • Ask credit reporting companies to place a credit freeze on your credit file.
  • Create an Identity Theft Report by submitting a complaint to the FTC and obtaining an Identity Theft Affidavit , filing a police report and then attaching the Identity Theft Affidavit with to the police report.
  • Contact businesses and authorities at places where fraudulent transactions have been done and do the needful.

At Comodo, we understand how disastrous identity theft could be. We believe in prevention rather than cure and hence we offer security solutions that would help you prevent information from getting stolen in the first place. Our identity theft prevention product, which is used widely, even by governments and businesses, makes sure that information doesn’t get stolen and helps whitelist websites, applications etc. Comodo SecureBox also helps rectify things if, despite all your efforts, identity theft has happened. Contact us today to learn more about identity theft and ways we can help prevent it.

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