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Instead of Getting Identity Theft Monitoring, Do It Yourself

Most companies have to monitor against ID fraud and other targeted attacks by cyber criminals. However, there are so many options out there to help, you may be wondering what to do. At Comodo, we think you can do it yourself much easier and for less money. Our product can do so much more than just monitor against ID fraud. It can also:

  • Allow administrators to create whitelists
  • Prevent SSL sniffing attacks, such as man-in-the-middle
  • Prevent remote takeovers
  • Offer digital signature control features
  • Provide security software for enterprises and government agencies
  • Provide application containerization
  • Keep ATMs secure
  • Keep POS systems safe

As you can see, our product does it all with a built-in identity theft monitoring system, as well.

What We Do

Your customers won’t have to worry that their information will be stolen because it will be entirely safe from attack. Whether you find malware or viruses lurking on your computer or not, you could still be at risk. Our product makes it so that these threats can’t grab hold of any information that could threaten your customers.

Whether you use a Point-of-Sale system or just want to keep your website free of viruses that can all work toward identity theft safety and security.

As a business, however, you may choose to have your information monitored to keep it safe, such as credit cards and other financial accounts. Credit monitoring options can protect personal or business information.

We cannot offer such services for you, but we can help prevent identity theft for your customers and employees. No one will be able to steal your employee badge number or take a client’s credit card information. To learn more about us and our products, contact us today.