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Credit Card Identity Theft

ID fraud is everywhere, and it is running rampant. Cybercriminals have come to terms with the fact that there are so many ways to gain access to personal information. Most of them don’t even have to leave their homes to get access to your computers, so it is important that you ensure your safety and the safety of your customers. Credit card identity theft is similar to other types because cyber criminals who gain access to the company server or computer can see credit-card information that has been saved.

At Comodo, we work hard to ensure that your customer information stays safe and secure. Our product can be used to encrypt that information and keep it safe. We can also whitelist applications and websites so that only approved options are allowed for employees.

How Thieves Take CC Information

We are going to focus on the many ways that thieves can steal this information, and some of them may surprise you:

  • Skimmers
  • Modified Readers
  • Malware

Skimmers are small devices that are attached to card swipers at retail locations, gas pumps, parking meters, ATMs, vending machines and anything else with an unmanned card reader. In some cases, they can also be manned, such as at the checkout line, if the thief is cunning and crafty. Our product can warn you when someone installs a skimmer onto an ATM or another reader, so you can ensure that identity theft doesn’t occur.

Modified readers are usually a more difficult route to take. It requires multiple people to set up the gig. A commotion is used to get managers and cashiers away from the reader so that a new, modified one can be placed. Our products will also prevent this from occurring, as well as malware. If you’d like to learn more about identity theft solutions, contact us today.