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Reasons to Consider Bank Security Systems

Banks and other financial institutions must have a system in place to prevent external and internal threats or fraud, which will allow enhanced protection for:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Assets
  • Branches
  • Offices
  • Operations

At Comodo, we understand your fear of identity theft and other threats and have worked hard to create bank security systems that will fit your needs and ensure the safety of your information and money.

What We Do

Our bank security features provide protection for all endpoints that can include software, services and other solutions to help you meet your needs.

Our system comes with a wide array of products and services to help you, which can include security monitoring, management, reporting, audits and so much more. Your operations will be more enhanced, and you’ll have more insight into your company. Information is power, and you’ll have all the power you need to thwart cyber criminals and keep data safe and out of the wrong hands.

We provide you with remote management tools so you can see results in real time, find solutions to any problem, check for viruses and malware at any time, find the newest threats before other similar products and receive alerts to any mobile or computer device.

You can also allow employees to use personal devices at work because our product uses application containerization to keep corporate information separate from personal data.

Even your ATMs will be more secure because our product works at all points. It will protect the machine itself from skimming devices and others. It will work with already integrated products, such as video surveillance, silent alarms, lights and video monitoring equipment. Our product will also protect the computer that runs the ATM. If you’d like to learn more about bank security and how we help, contact us today.