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ATM Safety Means Thwarting Multiple Attacks

Our world is becoming increasingly technological, which means financial transactions can be made with a simple Internet connection or even with a smartphone. You can also use traditional debit cards, credit cards and other electronic systems and we will want to pay with cash sometimes. At Comodo, we understand that ATM safety is of great concern to those businesses who own them or have them in their establishment. That is why you have to focus on the threats out there and figure out ways to combat them.

Attack Types

There are two primary attack options for ATMs, including physical and software versions. With physical attacks, the criminal goes to the machine and starts the attack, though they may finish remotely. The software attack can be phishing or other options.

ATM security is a necessity because there are so many out there. Freestanding ATMs are usually close to the bank’s branch office, but they can also be installed in airports, stations, shopping centers and almost any business. The off-site versions are usually the ones that are targeted.

ATM Machine Security Solutions

If you want to ensure the safety of the machines in your building, or own some and want to keep them safe, consider our solution. We can help establish an IP video surveillance system that will ensure ATM safety. However, our product will also use the best malware and virus software available to help keep threats at bay. Video surveillance can:

  • Keep watch over the machines while you are away
  • Ensure that no one loiters there
  • Keep out homeless and other persons who want to use it as a sleeping place
  • Have proof in case of identity theft

Our ATM machine security product can do all that and more. If you’re interested in ATM safety, please contact us today.