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Choosing the Right ATM Machine Security System

Most people don’t understand how criminals try to access ATMs and, therefore, may not realize that ATM security is a necessity. For one thing, attackers can target the cash that is stored within the ATM safe or try to get the cash while in transit to the machine. Security protocols have to be in place for both options to ensure the safety of the money. At Comodo, we understand that attackers are now using other methods to try and scam the machines and the people who use them. They are now choosing soft assets, which means attempting to gain access to account data and PINs.

How Criminals Use Soft Assets

Once they get access to the stolen information, such as account information or PIN numbers, they can request new cards in their name, create counterfeit cards, empty bank accounts and much more. They can easily do this by attaching a skimmer and a pinhole camera, so they can figure out the PIN and the card number quickly.

Therefore, ATM machine security is very much a necessity, and our product can help.

Device Level

ATM security must start at the device level. You can:

  • Detect alien objects
  • Disturb magnetic-strip reading
  • Install antimalware/antivirus solutions directly onto the ATM

All of these options can ensure ATM security, but they may not be enough.

Sophisticated attacks may require the criminal to access the PC that helps the machine function. They can install malware to harvest stolen information and can also be used to exploit vulnerabilities in other ways. Therefore, the computer system you use must also be equipped with antimalware and antivirus software, as well as others. Our product can help with ATM security on all fronts. Contact us today to learn more.