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Benefits of Application Whitelisting Software

At Comodo, we understand that businesses want to make it easier to be productive and want to keep their information secure. We offer multiple products to help and one is our application whitelisting software. It can give you a more advanced protection system for Windows and other operating systems. Because malicious attacks are more complex and challenging, it makes it difficult to keep up with things. Your IT department may require some help in the form of our product solution, which can:

  • Allow only trusted apps to run
  • Allow potentially-trusted apps to run in a secure manner
  • Block untrusted apps

Why Use Application Whitelisting Products?

Many methods are used to advance threats on computers that can infiltrate your organization. Approximately 300 days are needed to detect these zero-day vulnerabilities because they are so hard to identify and find.

It can cost upwards of $500,000 to resolve attacks created by these criminals, which can include malicious code, hijacked or stolen devices, malicious insiders and denial of services. Therefore, you need to keep your data and devices secure.

How We Help

Our approach to app whitelists includes using different app enforcement actions and uses multiple layers of security. A whitelist only allows trusted apps to run without needing to be modified. Potentially-trusted apps can also run (which is called orange or gray listing), but they will have to be secured or in protected mode. Blacklisting means that the particular program or app cannot run at all on company-owned devices or employee-owned devices that are used for work purposes.

The options for a whitelist can include attributes within files, file hash, file ownership, digital certificates, location, packages and more. You have the ability to stop certain things from working if they could harm the system, so contact us today to learn more about application whitelisting.