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Application Security Definition: What Is It?

An application is a program or software designed, programmed, and created to perform a certain task. An example would be an application that calculates the distance from your place up to your destination. An application or app also fulfills a human need like helping us learn something by watching tutorial videos.

Security in computing refers to the current state of a system or a network or an application being free from threats. Therefore, we can conclude that by combining the two meanings, we would know what application security definition is.

Application security then is the process of freeing or protecting a program or an app from threats. You know now what application security definition is. The next section of this article will help you know the importance of securing applications.

Application Security Definition: Why Is This Important?

A data breach occurs when someone gains unauthorized access to confidential and sensitive data. The attacker could be a corporate spy hired by one your competitors. They could also be one of your employees seeking revenge on you because you didn’t give them a raise.

We continue the discussion on our topic "application security definition and importance" by providing you with some real-world scenarios. Here are some examples of data breaches and the corresponding countermeasure for each one:

  • Your company’s trade secrets were stolen by your competitor. An investigation was done and the culprit was one of your disgruntled employees seeking revenge on you. This typical scenario commonly takes place out there in the real world.
  • Access to a company’s confidential and sensitive data should be limited to a certain group. Email filters should be implemented as well. Outbound communication should be restricted as well to avoid sending and uploading of confidential and sensitive data.
  • One of your salespersons lost their folder that contains the business cards of your clients. This scenario still happens in real life even if we can store contact info electronically.

This is also negligence on the person’s part. If they store the contact info on their smartphones instead, this wouldn't have happened. Smartphones can be configured to upload contacts to cloud storage automatically. Have they known first what application security definition is, then this could have been avoided.

  • A cloud storage application was hacked that resulted in the leakage of private photos to the public. On August 31, 2014, private photos of various celebrities were posted on the imageboard of 4chan, according to Wikipedia.
  • Configure your devices properly to avoid automatic backup of all your photos to your cloud storage provider. Don’t take pictures of yourself that would be used against you in any way. Your cloud storage provider should also implement a strong application firewall to filter any suspicious activity on their side.
  • A computer in your office which has your killer mobile application designs suddenly gets stolen. This is an example of a lack of physical security in the workplace.
  • A simple solution to this is to strengthen the surveillance and educate your security guards to do their job properly.
  • An email which contains the financial records of your company was mistakenly sent to another email address. This happened because the payroll employee mistyped in a different email address in the recipient field of the email.

A scenario like this can be prevented by checking for mistyped and misspelled email addresses before sending it. You can also use a program that validates user input.

Continuous security is needed for every application installed on your device, system, and network. You can even apply security at the software development life cycle stage itself aka application development stage. You now understand what application security definition is and why it is important in our daily life.

Application Security Definition: Conclusion

You’ve been educated on what application security definition is. You’ve also been presented with real-world scenarios of data breaches and the corresponding countermeasure for each one. You are now very much aware what application security definition is and why is it important in our daily life.

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