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Mobile Application Containerization Benefits

Companies who use a BYOD program are likely noticing that employees are happier and more productive. They want to be able to use their personal device at work because they’re used to it. The problem that most IT departments have, however, is that they have to be able to keep corporate data away from personal data on the device and keep it secure, no matter what. That’s where mobile application containerization comes in, and that’s what we, at Comodo, can help with, as well.


Many products on the market create a secure container for applications and devices, together. However, most of those products only work with a particular set of operating systems, such as:

  • Linux
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS

You need something that will work with all devices across the network because each employee will have a preferred device. Unless you supply the devices to your employees and use the same version and OS, you will require a product like ours, which works with various OSs.


When deciding between server virtualization and application containerization, you may wonder which is better and which is used for what purpose. A secure container allows you to use multiple containers on one machine, which isn’t possible on virtual machines. Each virtual machine (VM) is self-contained and has its own hardware, operating system and resources. If you use 10 VMs at 10Gbs each, you’ll use 100Gb of resources, but with similar-sized containers, you’ll run a lot less than 100Gb of resources because it shares it with all the other containers.

Because application containerization only uses one operating system and shares it with all containers, there is only an operating environment and application in the container, meaning you can run more containers on a host machine. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.