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iOS App Containerization: Apple’s Approach

Most people consider technology to be an opposing force with usability and security, especially for users. However, if security and usability are managed properly, that doesn’t have to the case. At Comodo, we can help because we understand the balance between the two and can help you create that in your business dealings.

Most MAM solutions deploy containers to enforce security on the various devices that are used. If you use a BYOD program, you may have already learned the benefits of application containerization because users can only use particular applications to access:

  • Content
  • Mail
  • Technology tools
  • Messaging
  • Other things they need to do their job

However, most users dislike this method, because it can cause an interrupted experience on their personal device.

Built-In Containers

iOS app containerization can be found through Apple’s device because they have it built in. They understand that users want a happy experience while using their product and also realize that security is a necessity if users are using their device for work purposes. However, their built-in container options may not be enough. Our product can be used in conjunction with Apple’s option to ensure that all of the corporate data is secure and can only be used securely.

What is App Containerization?

Whether you use Apple or some other device, a container is created in an area to help authenticate and encrypt corporate data. Users are prevented from sharing this data on unsecured applications, which can help you enforce security policies. Our app containerization product works by creating an app that is independent of everything else. The information contained therein cannot be shared to anything that isn’t encrypted and authenticated. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.