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How to Get on the AOL Whitelist

If you want to advertise or send email to AOL users, you need to make sure your domain and all related domains are whitelisted. At Comodo, we understand the difficulties you face. While you are probably considering whitelisting for the company as a whole, you may not realize that you have to get whitelisted on other servers. If you provide a compliant mailing system, you may still find that some spam filter providers reject your messages.

Who Still Offers Whitelisting

Most free-mail and spam-filter providers don’t include whitelisting anymore, but Yahoo and AOL do. However, the AOL whitelist is set by IP address only and not by the content. Delivery problems can be caused by many things, some of which you can’t control and some of which you can.

Issues with Whitelisting

There are four common problems associated with getting on the whitelist, and they include:

  • No warm up on the IP or switching to an ESP too soon
  • Using Exchange or Open-source MTA
  • Configuration problems
  • Shared mail servers

If you don’t warm up the IP address or jump to an ESP too quickly, your reputation may not have enough time to develop properly. IP addresses can get a negative reputation when suspicious activity is detected, such as viruses or spam. If you send out multiple messages and a virus is detected, or it seems spammy, you will start to get a negative reputation. Instead, make sure you’re only sending legitimate messages and scan for viruses first.

Sometimes when sending emails using Exchange or an MTA, you’ll notice problems. This can also negatively affect your reputation. For example, those who use qmail will see that hundreds of connections can be opened up at once, which seems suspicious.

Getting on the whitelist can help, because you are approved to send messages via that route. Contact us today to learn more.