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Trouble with the Adblock Whitelist and How to Avoid It

Most companies prefer to use ad-blocking software or extensions because it can help employees stay productive and on track. AdBlock is a useful extension for many web browsers, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Android

Users can help prevent advertisements and page elements from displaying on websites. At Comodo, we understand the potential benefits of such extensions and commend them for helping companies everywhere. However, one problem is that the Adblock whitelist includes many ads, even though they claim they remove them.


The problem is that not all advertisements are removed or blacklisted with the extension. Companies can pay to include non-intrusive ads with the extension filter and many businesses dislike this feature. However, there is a way you can disable all ads.

Acceptable ads can include those without animation or sound, text-only ads and where the ads are placed (on the side and without obscuring content).

How We Help

If you prefer to use the extension and want to remove all ads, we can help. Our product ensures that websites and domains that you choose are allowed through. In effect, we can work with the extension filter to help whitelist only those sites you want.

For example, you probably use many websites throughout the day, such as searching on Google, web-based databases, company websites, web-based email and more. You may also use Skype, various instant messengers, Microsoft products and more. You can whitelist programs, applications, websites and content that you need and keep all the rest out. Employees can’t view websites that aren’t on the list and can’t download anything that’s unapproved. You can keep devices and computers secure and be more productive, so please contact us today to learn more.