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Why Adblock Plus Whitelist Ads May Need to be Disabled

The Adblock Plus browser extension, created by Eyeo, has been accepting money from some companies to whitelist particular ads. The software is meant to remove ads, but some of the filter mechanisms seem to be faulty, which allow the ads to be shown. At Comodo, we understand the annoyance of unwanted ads, especially in the business setting. Many times, you’ll need to search for something specific, and find that it ends up plastered all over your browser later.

Our product can help disable this feature, allowing you to still use it without the annoyance of more advertisements.

Acceptable Ads

The makers have never been dishonest and it is open knowledge that they offer whitelist options to some companies and ads, but they have an acceptable ads feature that makes the ads less annoying for users. You can still support websites that advertise in a non-intrusive way. However, some businesses dislike the acceptable ads feature, because the businesses being promoted could be competitors.

The feature is enabled automatically, but you can disable it whenever you want. Types of acceptable ads can include static options without sound or animation, text-only ads without images and those that do not obscure the content on the page.

Disabling the Acceptable Ads Feature

In most cases, all you have to do is:

  • Click the icon for Adblock Plus
  • Select Filter Preferences
  • Make sure the “Allow non-intrusive advertising” box is unchecked

For most administrators, that may not be too difficult, but if employees can use multiple browsers, it can be difficult to do an organization-wide disable.

How We Help

Our product can help you remove the whitelist of ads allowed with the extension. Even if you don’t uncheck the allow box, you won’t see ads if you don’t want to. Contact us to learn more about whitelist options.